Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iphone Android Download

If you are looking for an Iphone Android Download, or to download android onto your Iphone, then you are in luck! Just recently has planetbeing released a download that allows for your Iphone to run the Android OS. A link to a step by step tutorial can be found HERE. However, this only works with limited devices at the moment, but progress is continually being made. I know for sure that this is a big step in mobile devices and open source software, as there are not that many devices that can run more than one OS, and yet computers can run Mac, Windows, and Linux.

However, Android's and Apple's mobile OS are very similar at this point, with only a few key differences: Android does not charge to add apps into their app store, and contains a plethora of apps that allow for the source code to be edited, as well as change internal settings, such as cpu. Although this does not mean a lot for the average person, it is a lot more developer friendly, and from this standpoint Android is able to compete with Apple.

Although the idea of open source software seems unimportant, it develops communities, as seen by Gimp and Arduino. I can almost guarantee that the Iphone Android Download will spark a future community of users and developers, which will allow for desired apps to be created, better debugging, as well as a friendly supporting community.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, and that you have found it helpful. I understand that you may not be ready to switch from Apple to Android just yet, but the Iphone Android Download makes it possible, and is sure to evolve and ensure an open source future.