Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?
None at all. However, Blogger stores your submitted information (when you make a comment), and will make it viewable to us when we review your comment for moderation. We will not sell/lease/give away this info. We are not responsible for information lost in security breaches, hacks, ect. To learn more about Blogger please visit

Why the Privacy Policy, then?

Our website contains links to other websites. We need to state that once you leave this website, you are no longer under our privacy policy. It is your responsibility to check out all of the other sites’ privacy policies, as our privacy policy covers ONLY this site. We are not responsible for their policies or errors. THE THIRD PARTIES WE LINK TO MAY BE USING COOKIES/OTHER METHODS TO COLLECT INFORMATION TO SERVE ADS TO OUR WEBSITE. YOU CAN ALWAYS DISABLE COOKIES IN YOUR INTERNET BROWSER UNDER INTERNET OPTIONS.

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